There are many different types of para sports and definitely a para sport for everybody, of all ages and all abilities. We encourage you to enjoy any sport you like, and you can check the Find a Club  tool for local clubs in your area.

However, if you are interested in pursuing more serious competition, some para sports may be a better fit than others, and here’s why: Paralympic sport groups athletes with similar impairments together to ensure that competition is equitable and fair. This process is called classification. Not all impairments are eligible for every para sport and in the case of some sports, only one or a small number of impairment types are eligible to participate in that para sport.

The Find Your Sport tool helps you gain an understanding of which para sports may be a better fit for a competitive pathway, depending on your impairment type. It’s important to note that these are simply guidelines.

For more details, contact the national sport organization for that sport.

Cassidy in a racing wheelchair


Start clicking on the drop down menu and select the choice that most closely describes you. Follow any further prompts. The para sports narrow down to the para sports which you may be most likely to be eligible to compete in at higher levels.

Click on the para sport to find out further information about that sport.